Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Holi

Its been almost two years after returning to India, feels like a long time as lot has changed not only in terms of regular life but in terms of overall market condition of the world
Wish you all a colorful and happy holi and days ahead


GUESSWHO said...

Linkedin profile madhe 'IES Dadar' add karayala forgot zhalas ka Martial arts master cum Mimicry artist. Those Jhonny Lever jokes were good during class time.

Just trying to ping old friend as I find them on Internet.

Let me keep you guessing. That's all for now "Mr Yellow/Green Belt some stipes". FYI - I did not cross the white belt 2 stripes.

GUESSWHO said...

Mr Jawle, are you reading this blog at all?
Do you still stay at your Dadar (W) house? I visited it once to watch "Shaolin Challenges Ninja" may be in 8th grade I think it was a day when Kishore Kumar passed away.
It was good movie in those Martial arts classes’ days.
The Arm wrestling in the class room and that fight with just hands with targets on stomach (forgot its name). That stomach punching was good for that age too.

My memory is limited, just remember a few things. May be you know more.
My email is "" but still feel like playing with you to guess my name.
Take care.